About TWB


Welcome to our website. At TW Branun & Associates, our mission is to enhance learning. We have worked with schools, districts and educational organizations across North America to help them achieve their learning goals through powerful and targeted staff development and professional development opportunities. Our conferences, staff development programs and e-Learning initiatives can help unleash the potential of your people to find a passion for learning and make a meaningful difference in your school or district. Discover the many reasons why a partnership with TW Branun & Associates can benefit your students as we work together to enhance learning.

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Quality – the very best Professional Development in the world.
Stress free – deal with work overload and unrealistic expectations – we do all the work
Custom designed – Pro-D tailor made for your district needs and plans
Convenience – in your district when you want it, where you want it
Cost effective – save travel costs, high registration costs and time away from students
Revenue producing – generate revenue to lower costs even further and provide enhanced opportunities for staff development
Engender pride and a sense of team – quality learning experiences provide a source of accomplishment and a common vision of quality